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The Wimmin from W.O.M.B.L.E (2014) (CD)

The Wimmin from W.O.M.B.L.E (2014) (CD)

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W is for whiskey, wild women and weapons
According to German GSG anti-terrorist sharpshooters, when engaged in close armed combat with female insurgents, agents are required to 'shoot the women first'. Unlike the male of the species, the women do not weep for pain relieving whiskey upon injury but tenaciously cling on, until every enemy bullet is spent, or every enemy soldier eliminated.


O is for ovaries, orphanages and opiates

Patriarchy has cast its opiated glaze upon the reproductive processes of women for centuries, corrupting the power and dignity that is giving birth. With cruel management of progeny (masquerading as religious hot houses),  homes of shame and abuse were built, where such evil was manifested, that the veils have now been ripped with venom from the diabolic faces of the perpetrator. Burn in hell lost prophets.


M is for machine guns, the menstrual cycle and mothers
The world might just be a safer place, if for one week of every month, all the guns in the world were handed over to premenstrual women. A blood bath maybe, but certainly a better option than men maintaining full control of machine guns all the time. Get up against the wall you motherfucking sexist pigs.


B is for burkas, boob jobs and booty

From cross dressing Taliban to double D silicon lady boys, the male of the species is increasingly obsessed by the garb and form they perceive as womanly in a desperate attempt to remain relevant in an ever dwindling gene pool. As technology has made life increasingly convenient, it has also made men increasingly redundant.  Long gone is the capitalist lie, that there is dignity in labour. Only those prepared to accept a less phallus-centric macho signifier will survive mother nature's cruel cull.

L is for love, life and laughter

The most terrifying sight or sound for those governments involved in cut backs and bully boy recession tactics is three little letters F.U.N. Laughter emanating from playgrounds, nurseries and schools, should be piped into every shopping mall and convenience store where necessary.


E is for ectoplasm, energy and ecstasy

When you're in a basement room, and a paranormal vision messes up your eyes...are you gonna cry and scream for mummy, or celebrate the fact that Mother Nature always presides?

Rave on for three days, until the sun comes up twice. Are you are ready to bow down to the inevitable power of Mother Nature? Is she your mortician or your Mary Magdalene?




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